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“Around Town” in the Boston MA Yellow Pages

Official rankings don’t always tell the whole story of a city, because Boston, Massachusetts will always rank Number One to the individuals that live there! And that’s the way it should be! A more technical breakdown may consider factors such as employment, education and air quality but the intangibles like culture, art, nightlife, sports and shopping are the things that give Boston the edge over many other cities. Add in Boston’s obvious historical significance which includes landmarks, cobblestone-lined neighborhoods and unique turn-of-the-century architecture and its no wonder Boston is one city that is much sought after for families settling down and for tourists just passing through.

Boston by the Numbers

Overall, Boston has been ranked as high as Number Four on many lists that compile the data for what makes a city special. Boston, Mass has a variety of things going in its favor, many of which were mentioned earlier. But if you do the math, you’ll discover there is plenty to do for every interest. The next time you’re mapping out a weekend or longer consider that Boston has nearly 140 Bars, more than 2000 restaurants that cater to deliciously ethnic mix, more than 50 museums and libraries (that’s more then 50 of each), an incredible 22 colleges and 3 high-profile professional sports teams and dozens more on the collegiate and semi-pro level.

History and Culture Has its Place

Before we go any further, why is Boston, Massachusetts referred to as Beantown? Well, the short version has a little to do with trade and commerce. Through a variety of factors, Boston sailing vessels were importing molasses and on land there were and plenty of beans to sweeten the molasses with. Beans were cheap, had a long shelf life and soldiers ate them constantly. So Boston soon became Beantown and the rest as they say is history.

And speaking of which, if you tilt your head and pay attention it’s almost like you can hear the voice of Paul Revere wafting across Boston’s cobblestone streets. Or maybe it’s the sound of cannon and gunfire cresting over nearby hills. To get a better grasp of Boston’s importance, visitors are encouraged to walk the Freedom Trail. A nearly 3 mile stretch that highlights 16  historical landmarks significant to the Revolutionary War. Visitors can walk in the footsteps of greatness on your own or take a guided tour with costumed guides. Pencil in the North End to understand better how people were living in the 1770’s.

Meanwhile if art is more your thing you’ll definitely want to check out the Institute of Contemporary Art. From an architectural stand-point alone, the ICA is completely out of touch with the city’s historical make-up and that’s a good thing. The museum is a mix of glass and sharp angles and certainly livens up Boston Harbor. The Boston Public Library makes for a nice bookend and is a nice visit for the great layout, paintings, murals, architecture and of course more books than you can read in a lifetime.

It’s Called the “Strip” for a Reason

Art and history are fine, but sometimes you just have to cut loose and do some shopping. Don’t worry, the city of Boston has you covered: the Strip is an eight-block stretch of shops and boutiques that starts at Mass Avenue and gets a bit more high-end the farther you walk. In between the shops and window-dressing sit enough restaurants to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. Whether it’s pizza, chowder, Asian or macaroni and cheese, you won’t walk away hungry that’s for sure.

The Business of Starting a Business

Within the span of a few years, Boston has carved out a name for itself as being seriously user-friendly for entrepreneurs. It is quite simply one of the world's best regions for start-ups, and is fast giving California’s Silicone Valley a run for its money. In fact, statistics reveal that Beantown entrepreneurs are extremely well-educated (Harvard anyone?) with more and more start-ups laying down roots than ever before.

Boston is…

Exciting, stimulating, historic, tasty, beautiful and the list goes on and on. No matter who you are and what you like, you can find it in Boston Massachusetts. The only thing left on this list is YOU: just another reason that makes Boston Number One!

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